Jobe Neoprene Socks



36,99 € με Φ.Π.Α.

We say more winter vibes and less worrying. Support your feet with Jobe's comfy full stretch 3mm neoprene socks with glued and blind stitched seams to prevent water entry. Wear in your wakeboard sneakers or on your paddle board, for optimal protection and to keep the heat of your body close to your body. Jobe's neoprene socks have a pre-curved shape and unisex fit. Extend the summer season!
  •  Glued & blind stitched seams: no water entry through seams
  •  3 mm full stretch neoprene
  •  Pre-curved shape for optimal comfort
  •  Unisex fit

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Jobe Neoprene Socks

Jobe Neoprene Socks

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