Jobe Mode Slalom Ski

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263,99 € με Φ.Π.Α.

The Mode combo ski's are beginner level slalom ski's that are perfect for beginning to intermediate slalom skiers. These skis are have a V bottom design for easy edge to edge and better tracking. The medal rods inside the ski make them super stiff for better control. If you want to get into Slalom skiing then these are your pick!
  •  Beginner level slalom ski
  •  Binding size: USA 6-14 | EU 36-47
  •  Bright slalom ski aluminium fin for extra visibility
  •  Comfortable and supportive rubber fixed binding
  •  Glossy protective top finish
  •  Graphic printed with eco friendly water based ink
  •  Made with the use of solar power
  •  Rim injection construction with extra metal rods for stiffness
  •  V bottom design for easy edge to edge and better tracking
Water Ski TypeSlalom

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Jobe Mode Slalom Ski

Jobe Mode Slalom Ski

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