Jobe Push Wakeshaper




329,99 € με Φ.Π.Α.

The Jobe Push Wakeshaper is your essential to create the perfect wave. This new Wakeshaper can be mounted on the side of your boat and will help create the ultimate wave for wakesurfing. Strong suction cups hold this shaper in place and a bright orange foam pad create visibility and buoyancy. This shaper is a must for every boatowner and is perfect when combined with one of the Jobe wakesurfers! You don’t want to surf just a regular wave once you’ve had a taste of this!
  •  Fast and easy installation with industrial strength suction cups
  •  Floats and easy visible in the water
  •  Make a larger and longer wave on inboard motor boats
  •  Universal design which fits almost every hull line
  •  You need to have a clear and flat area on your hull below the waterline off 16" x 3,1" I 40cm x 7,9cm for the mounting base

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Jobe Push Wakeshaper

Jobe Push Wakeshaper

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