Aquatone Ocean 14'0" SUP

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Max. payload :150kg
Weight          :11,5kg
Size              :426x69x15cm
Volume          :320l

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549,00 € με Φ.Π.Α.

The most solid racing SUP on the inflatable SUP market. OCEAN 14.0 is the choice of competitive riders and pros. Our signature SUP board, OCEAN features an extra narrow width at 27" (69 cm) and is built for speed. It is the board designed for racing and hard core paddle style.



REC. PAYLOAD100kg/220lbsMAX. PAYLOAD150kg/330lbs


  • The Double Layer Fusion Core Fabric gives a specially developed process of lamination. It uses a machine lamination process to make multiple layers of pvc onto the core drop-dtich base with fusion tech. The ultimate result is unmatched weight/stiffness/durability ratio for inflatable SUPs.
  • Featuring a 5mm thick diamond pattern EVA footpad, the OCEAN models offer users an excellent grip experience. An artistic "Fish Skin"  grapic printing is applied on the footpad.
  • The OCEAN RACE 14.0 combines length, latest competitive narrow outline and low nose rocker for added water length and less drag. Uncompromising speed and agility for the experienced riders.
  • With an extra narrow width at 27 inch, combined with the double lauer PVC material, the result is a perfect balance of ultimate stiffness and fast, responsive and powerful board.
  • Ocean board has been designed with 2+4 Steel D-Rings. It features the towing ring on front and back of the SUP.
  • The bungee cords system located at the front of the board. It gives more freedom to paddle and maintain safe gear access.
  • Central handle for easy carrying of the board.
  • Integrated square grooved tail kick pad with arch design. The kick pad offers great option for turns and performance carves.
  • Single central fin 9" push-in
  • Accesories included with the board: SUP backpack, hand pump, sup coil leash, aluminum adjustable Allstyle paddle



"Extra Stiff and Ultra Light". Aquatone Double Layer Fusion technology is the premium material technology that applies on all the Touring and Specialty air boards. Featuring a top and bottom second PVC fusion layers which are directly heat laminated onto the core layer and around the drop-stitch material, the Fusion Tech offers innovative less glue fusion construction. The advantage of the Double Layer Fusion Technology is:
• 25% lighter than the traditional Double Layer Technology
• 30% stiffer than regular single layer air boards
• Less glue and more environmental friendly






All Aquatone boards are featuring 6-inch thickness, which makes the SUP super stable compares to a 4-inch iSUP. The extra 2 inches is excellent for a larger paddler that wants to make sure there is absolutely no flex in the board under their weight. The 6-inch board is also ideal for anyone who wants to feel very secure while out on the water.






Single piece soft brushed EVA footpad featuring 4mm diamond grooving provides ultimate traction and comfort.






The expandable and adjustable front bungee system lets rider grab and go with safe and easy gear access. Easily attach extras like dry bag or loose gear, snacks and water bottle.






Integrated center grab handle for easy lift and non-stress transport. All Aztron handles feature neoprene with rubber pad design, provides strength and give user a solid grab and comfortable carrying experience.






Aquatone race air board feature an 5mm square groove EVA deck pad on the tail for maximum grip during those high performance carves on the wave face. The kick tail on the deck pad helps the rider maximize the full performance of each turn and  increase reactivity.

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Aquatone Ocean 14'0" SUP

Aquatone Ocean 14'0" SUP

Max. payload :150kg
Weight          :11,5kg
Size              :426x69x15cm
Volume          :320l

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