Cohete Sole SUP 10’6” L x 32” W



COHETE Surfboards

750,00 € με Φ.Π.Α.


The Sole model was built for fitness and yoga SUP work. The length, width, and thickness were dialed in to allow nice stability for a beginner but still challenging for an advanced Yogi. The spoon nose, wide squash diamond tail, and flatter deck will give you extra stability to have a fun work out! This model has a unique convex bottom that stills gives you a nice glide. Comes with a standard 9” center Cohete glass fin for straight tracking and keeps you on course. A very durable SUP board that handles a lot of heavy duty use, hence ideal for SUP schools.

  • Large 9" Cohete custom glass fin 
  • Grippy Diamond Cut deck pad 
  • Maintenance free air vent 
  • Lift SUP retractable handle for easy carrying
  • Rigid Epoxy Mold Technology
  • Flat deck for easier fitness work
  • Light gray/turquoise/dark gray color


  • 10’6” L x 32” W
  • 180 liters of volume
  • 11’0” L x 32” W
  • 200 liters of volume


Convex bottom for extra lift and stability.


2+1 Fin Set Up for All different water conditions.

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Cohete Sole SUP 10’6” L x 32” W

Cohete Sole SUP 10’6” L x 32” W

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