Jobe Aero Venta Board 9.6 + Aero Venta Sup Sail 3,5 m2

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1 450,00 € με Φ.Π.Α.

The Venta is our white water board and can be taken out when the water is wild and the wind is on. This new 9.6 SUP board has a 300L volume and makes use of our Heat Bonded Technology, ensuring quality and stiffness. We've also added our brand new X-Stitching Construction making the board lighter and stiffer. But what sets this board apart form the rest of our SUP range are it's qualities on rougher water. The Venta has multiple handles to hold onto when out on the wild water. Or combine the Venta with our Venta SUP Sail and get ready to cruise around and hit the water at all time.

  • Length: 9’6’’ (2,90 m)
  • Width: 36” (91,5 cm)
  • Thickness: 6” (15,0 cm)
  • Volume: 300L
  • Recommended rider weight: up to 140 kg/308 lbs.
  • Board Weight: 22 lbs. (10 kg)
  • package weight: 46lbs (21 kg)
  • Nose Rocker: 9”, Tail Rocker: 0”
  • Lightweight X-Stitching Construction
  • Heat bonded technology: more-layer quality and safety
  • stringer for more stiffness
  • non-slip EVA foam pattern, allows comfortable long term SUPing
  • Windsurf insert mounted in the board
  • Traction rail on bottom of the board for more controle
  • Halkey Roberts valve
  • Valve patch assistance
  • D-ring connector on tip and tail
  • Easy-to-carry neoprene handle
  • 8’’ US fin & molded sidefins
  • Bungee storage net
  • Double action pump
  • 10 ft./3.04 m coiled leash
  • Adjustable fiberglass 3-piece paddle (Jobe freedom stick)
  • Waterproof backpack
  • | 3.5m2 sail
  • Mast: 316
  • Luff: 316cm
  • Boom: 140cm
  • Including: mast, mast extension, mast base, uphaul cord, boom
  • 3 year warranty after registration

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Jobe Aero Venta Board 9.6 + Aero Venta Sup Sail 3,5 m2

Jobe Aero Venta Board 9.6 + Aero Venta Sup Sail 3,5 m2

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