Amazea Underwater Scooter

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Amazea is the newest and most advanced underwater scooter in the world. In order to achieve it’s amazing propulsion of 490 nm and top speed of up to 30 km/h it takes advantage of the Catamaran principle and uses 2 brushless motors which it incredibly agility over and under water.

The best in the business

Weighing in at a total weight of just 32 Kg, it is light and maneuverable, perfect for use on any kind of boat, yacht or beach rental.

The price of Amazea is fraction of the only other similar product on the market.

2 years warranty.

Simply brilliant

 Amazea is not just a luxury yacht toy, it’s a new water sports experience for anyone that wants to have fun in the sea, ocean, beach, lakes and rivers… When piloting Amazea underwater the experience is similar to flying and discovering a new world.

The lightest

Amazea’s battery is interchangeable and extra batteries have a very affordable price (under 800€ + VAT) so you can use Amazea all day long without the need of waiting hours for the battery to charge or purchasing expensive quick charges and still having to wait for the battery to charge The wait of Amazea without battery is just 24 Kg, so much easier to manover.



As a rental business, it is innovative, very profitable and a perfect addition to an existing water sports rental business such as Jet-ski rental, banana boat rentals, parasailing rentals, Jetsurf rentals, foil rental, boat rentals, paddlesurf rentals, flyboard rentals, surf rentals, etc



The throttle system is progressive like that of an automatic car, so much more simply than using complicated gears.


Amazea’s low noise and zero emissions makes it environmentally friendly and makes no disruption to marine life.

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Amazea Underwater Scooter

Amazea Underwater Scooter

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