WINNER VUE-3 Transparent Kayak for 2 person

Διαθέσιμο σε 4 έως 7 μέρες


Winner Kayak

1 523,00 € με Φ.Π.Α.

Winner Kayak VUE-3 is a tandem kayak with two large transparent window in the hull, which allows the observation of the seabed.

Ideal for leisurely fishing with such clear visual of the seabed underneath.


It features a watertight hatch on the bow, storage space behind the seat, four internal rod holders and two external and spining rod holders at the bow.


Length: 4.00 m.

Width: 0.78 m.

Height: 0.325 m.

Weight: 36 kg

Max. Weight: 230kg

Material: Polycarbonate fibre + PE


Standard kayak equipment:

- Watertight hatch

- Rod holders, 4

- 2 external fishing rod holder

- Handles the bow and stern

- Stainless steel clips 8

- Drain Valve


Optional equipment kayak:

- Paddle leash

- Trailer for hand transport

- Life jacket

- Waterproof bag

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WINNER VUE-3 Transparent Kayak for 2 person

WINNER VUE-3 Transparent Kayak for 2 person

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