Aqualust 10'6'' (320*81*15) SUP Board Package


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The AQUALUST 10'6 "320x81cm is an all-rounder in the SUP area. The new shape combines all all-round features, has proven itself very well as a family board and has a very large payload of 130kg.
The very light board weight (approx. 8.15kg) ensures faster acceleration, easy turning, control and safety.
The 150mm thick drop stitch core provides top stiffness without affecting driving performance.
The soft and easy-to-grip EVA deck
(diamond cut) gives you a feeling of security.
Our shape and fin placement are important elements that set our boards apart from ordinary boards, especially when it comes to maneuverability and handling.

Optionally, you can also attach a kayak seat to our boards.

The AQUALUST SUP board set offers the ultimate paddle board experience!


  • Suitable number of people: 1-2
  • Volume: 300 liters
  • Load capacity: up to 130 kg
  • Size: (L / W / H in cm): 320 x 81 x 15
  • Weight: 8.15 kg
  • Three handles, making it easier to transport
  • 2-layer PVC double wall construction
  • 1-layer drop stitch ULTRA layer technology
  • Including large transport backpack
  • High-pressure double-horn pump - for quick and effortless inflation
  • The latest high-end drop stitch material offers enormous strength and durability
  • Large-area EVA deck anti-slip coating enables a safe stand and foot comfort
  • High-class drop stitch chamber, 150 mm - with hundreds of stabilizing threads
  • 1 slide-in central fin, central for optimal tracking stability and 2 flat water fins
  • High pressure screw valve (up to 15 psi)
  • Luggage belt, elastic - luggage you need safely with you at all times
  • 4 D-rings for a kayak seat

What's in the box?

  • Paddle
  • Backpack
  • Pump
  • Fin
  • Leash
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Aqualust 10'6'' (320*81*15) SUP Board Package

Aqualust 10'6'' (320*81*15) SUP Board Package

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