Advanced Elements AIRTraveller2

Διαθέσιμο σε 4 έως 7 μέρες



1 008,87 € με Φ.Π.Α.

1 223,87 € με Φ.Π.Α.

-215,00 €

The AIR Traveller2 DE version has a DURAFLOOR floor 2x DE highback seats incl. Seat Cushion is very easy with 15 kg at 160 kg payload. The payload in the AIR Traveller2 DEDS version 8PSI DS Floor high pressure soil increases to more than 200 kg. Optionally you can by "the upper ship both versions VARIO deck close." Then you have plenty of storage space in the kayak for longer tours luggage. The cockpit has an aluminum cover lifter and offers you more legroom and comfort for long trips. So the kayak combines all the advantages of a Luftkayaks with those of Expeditions solid boat. The bow and stern are made of a high quality Aluaufbau, "cuts" as in hard-shell boat, the kayak the water line and therefore provides a previously unattainable leadership and speed inflatable boats.

AIR Traveller 2 AE1966

Long widthmasscapacityPress.Try ashes
400 cm82 cm 15 kg DE Version 350lbs 160kg DEDS Version 440lbs 200kg285x45x30 cm

AIR materials Traveler 2


Deck of ripstop nylon fabric Blue
Deck is salt water and UV resistant !!!
Ground hochreiß- u. Tarpaulin abrasive resistant polyester fabric
3 layer system protects the inner air hoses reliably

Equipment AE1966 DE

AT2 with VARIO cover


patented aluminum rails in the tips
-2 x high
highback seat with AluFrame reinforced seat back
-2 x
seat cushion
- 1 x Food rest support for solo and front position
deck Zipper to VARIODECK mounting
-Gepäckhalter + Luggage net forward
-2 x moldings
-1 x
removable guide fin
-Bravo safety valves
Travel bag + repair kit

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Advanced Elements AIRTraveller2

Advanced Elements AIRTraveller2

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